Jules and I met in Portland and went on an adventure through Oregon. Portland is a funny town full of coffee shops and strip clubs. We started our trip towards the Three Sisters Mountains in the Deschutes National forest.  A 30 mile/3 day loop hike around broken top Mountain that would end us back up at our car. Along the hike we took breaks and admired the Cascade Mountain Range, the massive Douglas Firs and huge Ospreys that would swoop down and scream at us.                                                                                After a few days we were back on the road to Crater Lake National Park to spend a night on an ancient volcano. The lake of Crater lake is actually INSIDE of the caldera of a volcano. Crater lake is an absolutely beautiful park, but….it is crowded. As I think beautiful landmarks of nature should be experienced by all, it’s a bit distracting to an experience when a tour bus blows past your field a view to interrupt your moment of zen.

Every now and again, we need to push the restart button. Just like the device your looking at needs a reboot, just like how our brain needs sleep, we HUMANS need to get away from the city and look up at the stars. As I sat among the trees in silence with only the birds and the wind, thoughts and ideas began to wash over me that had been sitting dormant in my mind for months. If you haven’t pressed your “restart button” lately I urge you to stop what your doing and walk away from your life for a moment. What a wild idea right? It is only a wild idea because we have grown accustomed to this subtle anxiety from being in a constant rush, milling around and rolling over each other. This life we live, parking in rows, waiting in line and living on top of one another is not normal, natural, or healthy for anyone. I implore you to touch the button. At least imagine it. look at it. flirt with it.