In my normal day to day life I work “on set” of main stream commercials, movies, television, music videos and photo shoots as a Digital Imaging Technician.  When I am not working on set I have multiple projects geared toward my passion for adventure and photojournalism.



Digital Imaging Technician     I.C.G-IATSE (LOCAL 600)

  • On set specialist available for any and all camera related questions or concerns.
  • Create and manage custom LUTs for live display on set.
  • Da Vinci color grading expert.
  • Seamlessly data manage, and transcode for ARRI, RED, CANON, SONY, GOPRO… ETC.

Freelance Photographer / Journalist     WWW . COMPASSIONFLASH . COM

  • Experience traveling and capturing content through multifaceted countries and cultures around the world; North, Central and South America, Europe, North Africa, South and South East Asia.
  • Developed an online photojournalism and fundraising platform designed to inspire others to participate, volunteer and donate to causes around the world titled, “COMPASSION FLASH”
  • Adobe Photoshop and Light Room expert

Freelance Assistant Camera Man

  • Acquired the skills to work fluidly with a camera operator and crew.
  • Keeps equipment organized while working under pressure
  • Experienced the stressors of harsh environments such as; snow, desert, jungle and rain.
  • Able to manage the camera department and delegate tasks to others
  • Expert user and technician of all professional digital photo and cinema cameras: ARRI, RED, CANNON, SONY, PANASONIC, GOPRO…

Film Loader/ Camera Utility

  • Worked under well known camera assistant’s loading film, carrying equipment far distances and wrapping miles of cable.

Production Assistant

  • Have worked on countless commercials, movies and music videos in a multitude of environments such as; in the office, on set, in trucks, planes, helicopters, boats, and trains. Overqualified for any production situation.
  • Exemplary leadership skills, often being the key P.A. and training others

Intern, Directors Assistant, Aero Films.

  • Worked as an intern for well known Director/DP, Ken Arlidge ASC


Anonymous Content           Tool                            MJZ                        Biscuit

Radical Media                    White Label                O POSITIVE            Park Pictures

Backyard                            HSI                              RSA                      Smuggler

Limey                       Streetlight Films                    Boxer Films           Independent Media

Hungry Man                  Aero Films             Supply and Demand         Pretty Bird


Columbia College Hollywood, Cinematography, Editing    September 2006- June 2007


Avid outdoorsman and athlete 

  •   Skills include: PADI rescue diver, BLS/EMT certified, surfer, snowboarder, skateboard, long distance wilderness trekker, musician, hunter/marksman, boatsman, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA grappler, 5 year Burner )'(.